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AG Productions is a digital studio that provides photo and video solutions targeted to the digital generation. Our focus on social media and our unique approach to art direction is what makes AG Productions the perfect partnership to help you reach your goals. Become the content machine you know you are or hire us to do it for you.

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We bring your wildest ideas to life. From product photography to fashion editorials, we help you give life to your brand. 

Top Selling Services

- Commercial Product Photography

- Fashion Lookbooks

- Lifestyle Photography

- Editorial Portrait Photography 

- Full Campaign Production (Photo + Video)

- Corporate Headshot Photography

- Social Media Branding Sessions 

We got you covered!

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More Coming Soon

AG Productions stands for the literal translation of Avant-Garge, ADVANCE GUARD. The initial line of defense sent to scoop out new territory.


This is EXACTLY what AG is all about.

Io Escu, Artist and Owner


Ioana has a creative edge, a cooperative spirit, and a gift for seeing images from fresh and interesting perspectives, all of which sets her apart. In addition to her extraordinary artistic talent, Ioana is patient, fully committed to her projects, and wonderful to work with. Ioana went above and beyond until the very last second. She even helped with the technical screening issues on our launch day. This was beyond the scope of our agreement, but she gladly helped us out.

Milford Arts Council

Io has an eye for marketing businesses that I have not seen in any other photographer. Being in the hair industry, it is essential that prospective clients not only view my hairstyles but also want to visit my salon. Through Io's vision, I have witnessed a rebranding of my business and look forward to having her work on developing my second salon. 

E'lan By Dominique Renee