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A Letter From Io Escu

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Curious about AG Productions? Learn more about my inspiration behind this new initiative.


I'm Io Escu and I am a content creator based in Milford, CT. I started AG Productions (formally known as Content Machine) with the idea that I wanted to do two main things:

1. Connect To More Creatives Around Me

2. Grow My Team

The idea of AG started with the sinking feeling that if I didn’t start this I would be missing an opportunity. As my portrait and lifestyle photography business was evolving it felt natural to allow myself to enter this new domain. As I sit here and think about the origins of AG it would be silly to not go back to the first time I saw a David Lachapelle image. I remember to this day thinking to myself, "who are the people that created this image and what would it take to get to that level?" Over the next few years, my passion for storytelling grew and I decided to pursue photography and filmmaking. Once I did I finally looked up that image and found out who was behind that 'out of this world' work. I learned David built his sets and brought every detail to life with the help of a dedicated crew.

This realization exposed me to the importance of finding the right team. Every single member plays a huge role in the overall vibe and quality of your project. I spent the next decade working and learning while slowing finding my 'crew' of people I know now I can always rely on.

After expanding my business last year I wanted to create a studio that provided photographers and other creative professionals, like myself, what we needed to bring our vision to life. I also wanted to discover and promote young talent while enforcing the importance of developing your own aesthetic while creating engaging content.

AG is the solution you have been looking for, aimed to connect you with your costumers while providing you with creative services. We do a lot so if you are interested in learning more get in touch!

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