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Find Your Tribe | A True Love Story

This week I wanted to celebrate a love that is endless and a true necessity. What love am I speaking of? The love you share with your creative tribe. For those of you that work within a creative field, you know how important it is to have a strong collaborative partnership with the people on your team. 

I started my carrier as a photographer and my relationships with my glam team have always been one of my biggest assets. The reason is really two-fold: one reason being that so much of what we do is exploratory so having talented people you can reach out to collaborate with is imperative to your growth. Second, as collaborators, you can share clients and they can be one of your biggest referral streams. So here I am days after the love day of the year talking to you about my love for my creative collaborators because I think these partnerships can be as good for your soul as a healthy relationship or a fantastic self-care day. 

So, spend some time this week showing love to the people that have played a big roll in the creation of your body of work. Give them a hug and tell them you respect and appreciate them. And if you are still searching for your tribe here are some tips on how and where to find people that perfectly fit your aesthetic. 

3 Tips 

1. Facebook + Instagram - Reach out you would be surprised how many people actually respond back positively and want to collaborate. It's always better to reach out with a specific project in mind and confirm dates right away then leaving this up in the air with a, "I love your work and would love to collab in the future." Instead, approach them with a project already in mind will save time and energy in the long run.

2. Mentoring Programs - Programs like Mastered Live and others do an amazing job of connecting you to other creatives in your field that are at the same stage in their journey as you. Pick a program that also has a large networking database so you can always reengage when you need it.

3. Networking Groups - Local networking groups that are tailored to your industry are some of the best places to meet new collaborators and connect with people in your industry that are also located in your area. For me, this was life-changing because once I had my daughter those trips to NYC got more spread out and the idea of spending so much time in transit for a test shoot became more and more absurd so having people locally I felt comfortable with was huge.

Interested in learning more? Reach out!

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