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Mastered Challenge | Two Photographers, One Brief

A little over a year ago I started an awesome program called MASTERED that focused around giving me the practical tools I needed to transition from a photographer and graphic designer into an art director, in specific within the fashion industry. Some of my personal favorite benefits of the program are it's to the point advice and fantastic network of creatives. For our final project in the program, we took part in a Live event that exposed us to different workshops and a test shoot experience that I personally loved the most. Being the overachiever I am I ended up planning three shoots that afternoon and got some amazing photos from it.

For the Live event test shoot Mastered teamed us up with different creatives professionals like makeup artists, hairstylists, model and event brands to work with. Our team also consisted of two photographers which was unusual but a fun challenge to overcome. As the art director on this project, it was my job to develop a concept and make sure the team had everything they needed to execute on our brief. Being able to sit back on set and watch them both work as the captured their shots was very interesting. You could see how their own aesthetic and vibes influence every aspect of the process from the way they directed their models to the way they contorted their bodies to get that epic shot. I have spoken in the past about developing your aesthetic but this is a perfect example of how important it is. If these who photographers were simply two people with expensive cameras their photography would be very similar or simply put boring. But the truth is Alice Stepp and Nick Glover are two very talented photographers in their own right. Both in different stages of their carries but both with very clear and powerful styles. Check out their images below to see how two photographers could capture the same model in VERY different ways. 

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