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Vogue Italy Urging Creatives To Be More Sustainable

Vogue Italy has replaced photoshoots with illustrations and I am ALL FOR IT! I was truly inspired by this concept and decided to challenge myself to create content out of creative assets that are already available online. Instead of ordering all these items and putting together a whole team to shoot these looks, I will be creating engaging content that did not take a toll on the environment. With eliminating shipping, to the transportation and energy used to power my equipment I was able to create the following content from my couch in a matter of minutes. Shout out to for literally having all my favorite items available to shop for (it was torture not ordering every single item!). Check out my stories for a list of brands and details regarding shopping all these looks to prep for Valentine's Day or simply a killer week in the office...

These assets were intended for Instagram and specifically for me to post on my #Instastory. One of my goals this month is to generate attention and interest in Content Machine as we hope to launch a physical space in the coming months. Starting to generate buzz and conversation about CM is a key part of my growth plan, so creating content on a daily bases is something I have had to make time for. But this is not easy, especially with a toddler at home. Finding creative ways to bust out content while being more environmentally conscious is exactly what I’m about.

Here is another example of how I’ve used collaging and images from the web to create fun content for my own feeds. This specific project was a series on moldboards I had created in hopes of processing the many trends and concepts displayed on the 2018 Fall/Spring runways across the globe.

You are probably wondering why I would be supporting such an initiative as a photographer and fellow creative collaborator. I am not saying we should get rid of editorial shoots that involve amazing locations and large teams but we could be more conscious about the work we are creating on a daily basis. There are amazing locations all around us, we just need to engage with them locally and challenge ourselves to create work in our backyards or on our couch.

I was fortunate enough to work with a fantastic Paris based photographer and director Justin Wu, who has always been very conscious about his carbon footprint (Check out his recent work with UN Environment.) Working with him we were always looking for ways to cut out the excess and truly focus on executing the brief in a simple yet powerful way. To that end, we took public transportation when possible because let's face it, you can’t carry a drum set on a Paris metro. We also used google maps for location scouting. In the past, I have also incorporated renting equipment with short life spans to avoid creating excess waste. Basically there is so much we can do today and do to make our industry more sustainable. I love that Vogue started this conversation and I’m here for it!

What do you guys think about this idea and sustainability in the fashion industry in general? What can you do to be more environmentally conscious within your own workflow? Let's talk about it!

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