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CASE STUDY | The Heart Of The Arts By The Milford Arts Council

The Client:

The Milford Arts Council (MAC) is a Milford based fine arts organization that truly is the heart of the arts in this a beautiful beach town in Connecticut. A little over a year ago I was approached by the MAC to create a sizzle reel to help promote their many amazing programs, as well as attack new members.

The Brief:

MAC was looking for a bright and colorful representation of their programs to be displayed in an engaging video that they would display on their website and across their social media platforms. This video would also be screened at all their events and would act as a conversation started. 

The Concept:

The concept revolved around capturing dynamic, high-quality footage at a selection of their events that spanned a whole season at the MAC. We would then create a beautiful flow of music and art while incorporating the power of the creative arts.

Bringing The Idea To Life:

As the project progressed we knew we needed to add an audio element to ensure this video would truly embody what makes the MAC so special. We collaborated with talented published writer and poet, Shanna T. Merton of Bridgeport and MAC’s very own Written Word group to write the moving and powerful poem you hear as you watch the magic that is the MAC.

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