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CASE STUDY | A Behind The Scenes Look At My Process

The Client:

A little over a month ago Milford based salon and glam goddess Envision Beauty and Dominique Lee approached me about creating a series of videos to help promote a collection of Italian sourced lingerie that she was going to start selling to her clients.

The Brief

Dominique wanted to target brides with a salty, fun video that would introduce them to her new samples. She wanted to keep it clean but also show the overall vibe of the collection and its beautiful details. Dominique wanted to further make sure we would create content in multiple formats to give her creative assets to play with as she launches her project.

The Concept

I knew immediately that I wanted to create a series of videos that illustrated the line’s versatility in a fun and cheeky way while attracting the ideal target. The idea came from wanting to recreate your traditional wedding video but with a focus on the lingerie.

Bringing The Idea To Life

After tracking down the perfect location and finding our beautiful model Samantha we knew we needed to nail glam and styling. Check out this behind the scenes look at how Dominique achieved this 1950s glam with the use of hot rollers and handmade floral headpieces made by Content Machine Labs.

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